Over the past 20 years, Convergint has been on a mission to be its customers’ best service provider. Today Convergint is well north of $2 billion in revenue, with over 200 offices located in 32 different countries, and 10,000 colleagues around the globe. As the leading global security systems integrator, Convergint has an independent view of the market and brings best-in-class solutions to our customers.

In this Security as a Service video series, Convergint’s digital transformation team will delve into the importance of embracing the evolving digital landscape through groundbreaking cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence solutions. Gain valuable insights from Convergint Business Development Managers as they discuss the significance of Security as a Service and its role as a fundamental cornerstone of Convergint, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Watch the first installment of the Security as a Service video series below. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes released weekly as the series unfolds!

Emerging Horizons: Exploring Industry Trends and What’s Yet to Come

The Power of Security as a Service: Exploring its Meaning and Unique Attributes

Cloud Native Technologies: The Foundational Building Blocks of Security as a Service

Unleashing Potential: Real-Life Business Cases Demonstrating the Power of Cloud-Native Technologies in Elevating Customer Outcomes

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