The Convergint Technical Apprenticeship Program is designed for high school graduates, tech school graduates, veterans, and those with transferable skills who are looking to build their careers in this rapidly growing industry. This training program begins with two and a half weeks of instruction and lab coursework providing a foundation of knowledge that sets the stage for a future career. From there, participants will receive approximately 50 weeks of hands-on on-the-job training, utilizing the Pro Learning app to track progress and guide them to full certification in their chosen field.

Yaruba Tate

Senior Vice President of Operations

Recently, Yaruba Tate, Senior Vice President of Operations at Convergint, sat down with Security Today to discuss why Convergint launched the apprenticeship program, the goals Convergint hopes it achieves, and the impact Convergint hopes it will have on the next generation of security professionals. Read the interview below!

“Our apprenticeship program aims to widen the horizon of possibilities for this young talent and highlights the opportunities available to them, and I’m proud to be leading Convergint’s apprenticeship program. Students have always been encouraged to follow the path that best suits them and their interests and we’re hoping that the Technical Apprenticeship Program brings them one more career option to consider.”

~Yaruba Tate, Senior Vice President of Operations, Convergint

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