At the core of Convergint’s thriving culture of service is our annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. Since 2002, on the first Friday in June, Convergint closes for a full, paid workday so that colleagues may go out to serve in their communities through various service projects.

20 Years of Giving Back

This June, Convergint continued its tradition of giving back to local communities with the 20th annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. What began as a small project in June 2002 has continued every year since in communities across the globe.

Continuing this tradition and reinforcing our commitment to service and social responsibility had an extra level of challenge this year with COVID-19 restrictions still present in many communities. Colleague planned around and adapted to local guidelines and continually changing safety protocols to prioritize and ensure the safety of both colleagues and community members.

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Every Colleague Makes a Difference

Despite the added obstacle of complying with local guidelines, Convergint colleagues made a substantial impact in the communities served for Social Responsibility Day 2021. This year, 3,738 Convergint colleagues—including family members and employees from partner organizations—volunteered at 93 organizations in communities across the country. Convergint offices and partners donated more than $122,500 in technology, including $52,000 for schools and $70,500+ for non-profits.

Our Commitment to Service

Convergint’s guiding Values and Beliefs have evolved along with our 20th anniversary, but they continue to guide our culture of service to customers, colleagues, and communities. Each colleague is encouraged to live by these Values and Beliefs at work, at home, and in our communities. The goal of Social Responsibility Day this year was to celebrate the 20-year commitment to service that we believe is central to our success as an organization.

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Social Responsibility Day 2021 Highlights

  • 3,783 Convergint colleagues, family, and friends volunteered at 93 local organizations in need.

  • 285 colleagues stepped up at 13 local schools.

  • More than $1,098,000 was donated by Convergint in payroll.

  • Colleagues organized more than 160,000 pounds of food and prepared more than 4,200 meals.

  • $122,500 in donations from business partners, customers, friends, and family.

  • Colleagues in Atlanta, GA, Clifton, NJ, Cincinnati, Ohio, Denver, CO, Donna, TX, Nashville, TN, and Salt Lake City, UT provided schools with new security cameras, monitors, and upgrades along with and cleaning of existing equipment and security checks and recommendations.

STEP Up for Schools 2021

Building upon Convergint’s ongoing STEP Up initiative for school safety, colleagues volunteered their time and donated materials at schools across the U.S. to complete security-related projects. Highlighting this year’s efforts were 285 colleagues at 13 schools who provided community support through our STEP Up—Secure, Train, Educate, and Protect—initiative dedicated to enhancing school security in underserved areas. Through STEP Up efforts, schools in Atlanta, GA, Clifton, NJ, Columbus, OH, Denver, CO, Donna, TX, Nashville, TN, and Salt Lake City, UT, received free security upgrades and enhancements including technology donated by our partners. The Convergint team installed security cameras, intercom systems, and monitors, cleaned, inspected, and updated systems, audited existing facilities, and provided security recommendations.

  • Installing new cameras, systems, monitors, and other equipment

  • Conducting security checks and audits

  • Replacing cameras and outdated equipment

  • Cleaning and maintaining existing equipment

Where We Helped

In addition to security-related projects, colleagues and volunteers sorted more than 160,000 pounds of food, prepared 4,200 meals, and held community food drives. Other projects and activities completed by our colleagues included interior improvements, exterior beautification of buildings, gardening and landscaping, and more.

  • Military assistance for adults and families

  • Women’s and children’s shelters

  • Hospice and hospital organizations

  • Nature preservation including national parks, gardens, beaches, and wildlife reserves

  • Charitable organizations focusing on animals

  • Therapeutic groups for medical support

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  • Youth support clubs and camps

  • Specalized schools

  • Community support organizations

  • Assistance for adults and children with disabilities

  • Food pantries and food banks

  • Assistance for food insecure



Convergint Steps Up Security at Salt Lake City Schools

For the 20th consecutive year, Convergint offices closed so more than 3,400 colleagues could volunteer their time, expertise, and resources as a part of the company's ongoing Social Responsibility initiative for 2021. Convergint colleagues


We believe that it is essential to balance our time, energy, and commitments across our families, our business, and our communities. This belief fuels our sense of responsibility to the people and world around us.

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