Convergint Social Responsibility Day Project Featured in DeKalb Daily Chronicle

Each year in June, Convergint shuts down operations for a full work day in order to allow colleagues to go into their communities and contribute to those in need. This year marked Convergint’s 15th annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. A group of Convergint colleagues chose to serve this year at Hope Haven, an organization that has been serving the homeless of DeKalb County in Illinois for over 30 years. In an article written by Drew Zimmerman, the DeKalb Daily Chronicle featured their project and its personal connection to one colleague. Read more…

“‘We help with anything we think we can tackle,” said Guillermo Perez, I.T. Specialist for Convergint Technologies.

He said a relative who struggled with alcoholism sought help at the DeKalb shelter about five years ago. Filling potholes in the parking lot Friday night was the least Perez could do.

He and about a half-dozen other employees gave back to the nonprofit Friday during his company’s annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day.”

June 13, 2017|