As technology continues to evolve, increased vulnerabilities and risk-factors that exist across your organization become more important to mitigate. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for security solutions that alleviate both security and health safety concerns. With the goal of reducing risk and improving safety and security, Convergint partners with Sentry Enterprises to offer converged biometric identification solutions for physical access with SentryCard.

SentryCard is a self-contained biometric fingerprint technology that replaces the need for common touchpoints and serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access. SentryCard provides biometrically authenticated identification that protects both people and assets, enabling companies to eliminate multiple risk factors across their entire organization. This state-of-the-art solution combines best-in-class technologies into an ultra-thin credential for physical access, solving security challenges facing companies and institutions today. 

Benefits of the SentryCard Solution

  • Proof-positive biometric authentication for physical entry

  • Multi-factor biometric authentication for logical access

  • Passive proximity detection for applications like contact tracing and mustering

  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA privacy concerns by enrolling, storing, and matching the user’s biometrics within the credential itself

  • Frictionless access that alleviates today’s hygiene concerns 

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About Sentry Enterprises

Founded in 2013, Sentry Enterprises is a Chicago-based company with expertise in creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. The company offers a proprietary, patented, platform focused on providing proof-positive identification whether accessing a building or computing network. Sentry Enterprises’s solutions solve numerous risks facing today’s enterprises, from biometric authentication for access to privacy, contact tracing and hygiene issues.