Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies Company, has released the CrimeEye RD-2 rapid deployment portable video surveillance system, the latest in its CrimeEye line of digital video surveillance solutions. The unique features of the CrimeEye RD-2 make it a perfect video surveillance solution for marathons, parades, street fairs, concerts, or any other temporary security deployment.

“Law enforcement agencies are challenged every day with protecting dynamic environments,” said Jordan Heilweil, President of Total Recall Corporation.  “Video coverage that can be deployed very quickly, can accurately document activities, and can provide an audit trail of events is a much-needed tool of every police department. Total Recall Corporation has continued to develop its line of CrimeEye citywide video surveillance products, like the CrimeEye RD-2, to assist law enforcement in delivering safe and secure event management.”

The CrimeEye RD-2 will have users streaming quality video surveillance—with all the capabilities and the reliability expected from a fixed system—in just a matter of minutes.  The CrimeEye RD-2 is a lightweight, self-contained, rapid deployment video surveillance unit that provides easy and safe portability, simplified installation, superior imaging, intelligent electronics, and optimal performance. The unit requires virtually no tools to set up and can be deployed by one person on almost any type of pole with the included mounting hardware.

Fitted with HDTV-quality AXIS dome network cameras, the CrimeEye RD-2 streams high-quality video within minutes of installation. With such easy and fast installation, the CrimeEye RD-2 can be tactically located in the most critical venue points for temporary events that require a rapid setup. Pan-tilt-zoom camera functions and presets also help maximize overall views for optimal scene coverage and monitoring.

An exclusive feature of the CrimeEye RD-2 unit is its patented enclosure, which helps secure the camera during transportation. The unit exceptionally withstands travel and can be installed or removed time and time again in both urban and rural locations without damage to the camera or lower dome.

For more than 30 years, Total Recall Corporation has been providing efficient video surveillance solutions for law enforcement, business, and government.  This expertise enabled Total Recall to design its patented line of portable products intended specifically for law enforcement’s surveillance needs.

“We are committed to providing fast, quality, and easy-to-manage temporary video surveillance with the CrimeEye RD-2,” said Heilweil.

About Total Recall Corporation – Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies Company, is a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, including command and control centers, wireless connectivity, and video network design and management.