Convergint’s greatest strength is its people. Convergint Nation is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in a service-first mission and guiding Values and Beliefs. Convergint encourages colleagues to live the Values and Beliefs on a daily basis, whether at home, at work, or in their communities. None are more important than the other, but I am accountable for my continuous development–A better me is a better Convergint best represents the commitment Convergint colleagues have to advancing their careers and knowledge within the organisation.

In this video, colleagues Adrian Hill and Lorraine Hosty discuss their journey with Convergint and the endless opportunities to grow within the company.

“From someone not coming from a security background the wealth of knowledge, sharing among the team, team work, and everybody supporting people within their team has been phenomenal. I had no clue of anything security related when I came to Convergint. I didn’t ever think of access cards or readers and within the last 8 months, what I have learned through my colleagues has been phenomenal. Everyone steps up to the bar and nothing is ever an issue.

~Lorraine Hosty, Project Manager, Convergint 

Convergint Culture

To discover more about Convergint’s unique, service-based culture, visit Convergint’s culture page.

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