The number of smartphone users is expected to reach 6.1 billion in 2020, when it will represent 70 percent of global population, according to research done by Ericsson Mobility Report. With the number of mobile users increasing, companies have begun to use smartphones applications for securely locking and unlocking doors. Moving access control credentials to phones, tablets, wristbands, watches, and other mobile devices offers more choice and convenience, along with new and highly secure ways to open doors and gates.

Cyber attacks like data breaches at big-name retailers get a lot of attention these days, and deservedly so. But physical access security and data security go hand in hand. Physical access security helps protect facilities, assets, networks, and cloud resources. Those that are relying on cards or tags for access control are already carrying mobile devices with them.

Leveraging mobile credential technology to access doors, parking facilities, and gates – not to mention networks, other enterprise applications, and much more – is the logical next step in the evolution of access control. Convergint Technologies, partnered with HID, can implement a Mobile Access® solution. 

HID Mobile Access®

Extending access control functionality to a mobile device allows employees to securely and conveniently access the workplace using a smart device that is almost always on-hand. From the parking gate, to the door, to the network and more, mobile access can help organizations meet the growing demand for convenience. Organizations can choose to use a mobile access solution exclusively or a combination of smart cards and devices. Benefits of this solution include:

  • Innovative, convenient user experience
  • Multi-layered security for optimal protection
  • Breakthrough technologies keep identity data private
  • A robust management of secure identities
  • Support for both physical and logical access

Mobile access gives the freedom to move access control to phones, tablets, watches, and other wearables a matter of preference. The solution also supports the widest variety of mobile devices in the industry today, so organizations can define the mobile experience that best fits them.

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