Convergint ensures the secure containment of cash and customer valuables.

In a financial services environment, secure containment of cash and customer valuables is critical to success. Physical security components like vaults, safes, lockers, and safe deposit boxes are the very cornerstone of the security plan for banks and credit unions.

Convergint provides a full line of asset protection equipment to ensure optimal levels of security at your branches.


Convergint’s UL Class M, 1, 2, 3, & GSA-rated vault solutions for financial services applications provide large scale secure storage for any institution. Convergint’s vaults are:

  • Well designed: Convergint’s in-house design and engineering group has comprehensive experience in developing vault solutions specific to banking applications.

  • Modular: Convergint leverages modular construction for nonintrusive installation using either high-strength, pre-cast concrete or high-density, laminate panels.

  • Compliant: All of Convergint’s vault solutions are in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Flexible: Modularity creates more flexibility in design and construction, as well as facilitating vault expansion and relocation.

Safes & lockers

Convergint offers both standard and custom safes and lockers that protect against theft and fire. This heavy-duty equipment is:

  • Rated: The quality and security delivered by Convergint safes are reflected by earned ratings of TL-15, TL-30 and TR/TL 30×6 as designated by Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Durable: Convergint safes and lockers have a long service life, and seldom require total replacement.

  • Customized: Plate or composite safes can be custom configured to meet a project’s size requirements. Modular locker customization ensures flexibility, economy, and appearance without sacrificing security.

  • Reinforced: Safe and locker protection is enhanced by numerous lock system alternatives.

Safe deposit boxes

Convergint provides high quality safe deposit boxes for containment of customer valuables. Convergint’s offerings are:

  • Durable: Convergint safe deposit boxes have a long service life if they are well maintained.

  • Flexible: Safe deposit box configuration is flexible to adapt to branch/vault design and consumer demand.

  • Secure: Convergint partners with manufacturers who produce high-quality boxes to ensure optimal security.

  • Serviced: Convergint offers a unique escheatment service program which aggregates an institution’s escheatment needs for methodical execution state by state, branch by branch. This ensures cost efficiency and compliance.

Embrace the future of banking with Convergint

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