Utility providers often struggle with automating operational tasks due to outdated systems. They are desensitized to excessive false alarms, so true mission-critical events sometimes are disregarded as non-critical. Now, with the expansion and adoption of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), utility companies are starting to understand the importance of operational efficiencies while optimizing every aspect of their infrastructure through data intelligence.

Creating automated standard operating procedures can aid in smooth and efficient operations by guiding security operators through security incidents, as well as operational tasks. The utilities industry must also adopt technological solutions that render their data useful to leverage it to its fullest extent, providing insights to make more informed, intelligence-focused decisions to achieve efficient operations.

However, defined procedures are not enough. Organizations need a collaborative, scalable, and intuitive approach to automating incident management and routine operations. Convergint partners with Genetec to provide an innovative and automated decision management system that simplifies and manages incident or operational tasks effectively.

Genetec Mission Control: Advanced Business Intelligence for Incident Response

Genetec Mission Control™ is a decision management system that helps organizations understand unfolding events and quickly identify the best course of action, speeding up incident resolution. The solution detects patterns that signal real threats and automates routine tasks. When an emergency occurs, it deploys guidance for the team to respond quickly and confidently.

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a streamlined decision management system to keep organizations operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to learn more, and stay tuned for next month’s article to discover how the utilities industry can effectively manage compliance.