AI-based analytics in security applications have recently seen an increased frequency. The concept is not a new one for the security industry, but early AI applications raised concerns among users. Now, with the evolution of digital transformation, systems integrators and end users alike have started leveraging AI-based analytics.

Convergint’s Executive Director of Business Development Steve Washburn discusses this topic in SDM Magazine. He also gives insight into unique use cases that deploy computer vision and machine learning, as well as the opportunities of utilizing analytics for security purposes.

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On the Use Cases of Analytics

“As businesses continue to prioritize digital transformation to attain real-time data and behavioral analytics, more use cases continue to come to fruition. For example, computer vision has unlocked data and analytics that businesses have leveraged to enforce workplace safety initiatives, such as PPE detection, hardhat usage, protective eyewear, gloves or safety vests. Additionally, computer vision technology is flexible and can be deployed across nearly every vertical market, allowing additional use cases to evolve over time.”

~Steve Washburn, Executive Director of Business Development, Convergint

On the Untapped Potential of Data

“Now, an abundance of data can be applied for business intelligence purposes, allowing them to thrive. We’ve reached an inflection point where now, the technology is so far advanced, it’s time to maximize use and unlock untapped potential. The limitless flexibility behind computer vision’s AI offers new opportunities, leveraging ground truth and sample data to train machine learning models to recognize specific elements or behaviors.”

~Steve Washburn

About Steve Washburn

Steve Washburn

Executive Director of Business Development, Convergint

Steve Washburn is the Executive Director of Business Development for Convergint’s Digital Transformation team. Steve is responsible for business development, team management, and performance of all Digital Transformation sales activities across Convergint’s local, strategic, and global business units. Steve helps customers migrate from on-premise technology solutions to cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services while introducing the latest AI and ML technologies to help customers become safer, more secure, and more profitable.