Presented by Convergint Technologies

The air transportation industry has a responsibility to offer a safe and open environment for the public and employees. Previously, there have been threats from people entering the airport with live firearms and opening fire with intent to cause casualties. When events like this occur, there are questions that become apparent: 

  1. Where did the shooting first begin?
  2. Where is the shooter currently?
  3. Is this a lone shooter or are there multiple shooters?
  4. Was it really a gunshot (false sound identification)?

Accurate and timely information is key to mitigating these threats. By utilizing an active shooter detection system, manufactured by Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), security is able to respond faster, and with more accuracy. This integrated system works with existing physical security solutions to deliver information with first responders and building occupants in seconds.

Watch for this recorded virtual event hosted by Convergint’s Alyssa Mathes, in partnership with Brian JohnPaoli from Shooter Detection Systems to learn how the utilization of active shooter detection systems can help reduce false alerts, prevent mass confusion, and deliver accurate and timely information to improve response. 

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