In an unwavering pursuit of transforming healthcare access and front-of-house assistance, Convergint collaborates with Teleportivity, marking a pivotal fusion of expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare industry.  This collaboration exceeds technology with a profound commitment to elevate the entire healthcare experience. Convergint’s extensive experience in integrated security systems and Teleportivity’s specialized expertise in enhancing patient access and front-of-house assistance forges a synergy that stands unrivaled in the industry.

Problem: Navigating the critical first point of patient access

Patient access represents the critical first point of contact for individuals seeking healthcare services. It is also the initial opportunity for healthcare staff to ensure the success of revenue cycle management. However, numerous challenges persist:

  • Entry and Exit Management: Efficient patient flow at entrances and exits is crucial for security and convenience.

  • Patient Registration: Accurate and swift registration sets the stage for a seamless patient experience.

  • Payment/Administration: Billing and administrative tasks need to be error-free and efficient.

  • Staff Shortages: Many healthcare facilities face limitations in human resources.

  • Unattended Desks: Unmanned reception areas can lead to missed opportunities and patient frustration.

Solution: Innovative solutions for patient engagement

Convergint and Teleportivity are proud to offer comprehensive solutions to address these challenges. Entrusting healthcare facilities with innovative tools and strategies aimed at transforming patient access and front-of-house assistance:

  • Hybrid Workforce: This partnership combines technology and human support, creating a versatile, hybrid workforce that enhances efficiency.

  • Scalability of Staff: Healthcare facilities can now scale their staff resources as needed, adapting to fluctuating demands.

  • Protecting Staff: Advanced security features ensure the safety and well-being of healthcare staff.

  • Multi-Language Support: The campaign includes multi-language support, catering to diverse patient bases.

  • Increasing NPS (Net Promoter Score): Elevate patient satisfaction through an unparalleled experience, positively impacting your NPS.

Results: A unified safety and security platform

Convergint and Teleportivity are committed to empowering healthcare facilities to manage multiple locations seamlessly, increase access to human staff, optimize costs, and significantly enhance the customer and patient experience. This partnership supports automation tools while ensuring live support is available at every stage of the patient and visitor journey.

About Teleportivity

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