Convergint offers customer-centric service offerings to complement innovative solutions.

Given escalating consumer demands and competitive pressure, banks and credit unions are compelled to step up their operations, but the service they give hinges on the service they get. Convergint is focused on being the number one service provider for financial institutions. Convergint can be trusted to deliver and facilitate it’s ability to do the same for customers/members.

Convergint provides an expansive service line-up as a complement to it’s solutions, thereby ensuring that all security and automation needs are met for financial clients.

Maintenance & repairs

Convergint offers institutions industry leading equipment maintenance and repair services, all facilitated by iCare.

Customer focused: Convergint’s comprehensive support helps maintain security system health and prevent downtime at branches.

Industry leading metrics: Convergint provides timely response to regular and emergency service calls and a preferred 24/7 hourly service rate.

Budget aware: Convergint can customize strategic plans to protect investments while preventing budget overruns with 100% coverage for all parts and labor.

Web-based: iCare is Convergint’s fully integrated, web-based customer resource for commercial sites worldwide.

Keys and lock work

Convergint recognizes that key management is a small detail that can create big headaches for banks or credit unions. In response, Convergint provides a multitude of services.

Escheatment: Convergint helps tackle escheatment requirements and gets it done right by aggregating needs and executing a comprehensive program that ensures minimal service disruptions and complies with individual state mandates. It’s all delivered within the customer’s timeframe, so fines won’t be issued for not hitting deadlines.

Centralized lockshop: Convergint has a centralized lockshop that offers key management and master locksmith services.

Comprehensive: No matter how old the legacy branch equipment is, Convergint is prepared to deliver professional on-site assistance and remote support for all lock and key challenges. Convergint’s library of templates and comprehensive technician training ensures its ability to meet all needs.

‘Above and beyond’ financial institution services

Convergint goes far beyond traditional services with some breakthrough offerings.

Premium service center: Convergint’s PSC is a dedicated support team with the purpose of providing exceptional service delivery for national and global customers. This white-glove approach leverages a streamlined work order process to ensure that the customer’s priorities are met at the highest levels.

Professional services: Convergint’s Professional Services Group (PSG) is a team of subject matter experts focused on enabling customers to maximize their system investments through custom integrations and lifecycle management. Applies to electronic security and automation.

Managed services: Convergint delivers optimal results by relying on best practices as they apply to ongoing banking security. From timely implementation of firmware updates to regular and methodical equipment maintenance servicing, Convergint optimizes video surveillance, alarm and access control systems. Convergint will help teams by taking some of the responsibilities off of them and placing those tasks in Convergint’s capable hands.

It doesn’t end there. Convergint is continuously seeking ways to better serve its bank and credit union customers and customizes its response to meet their specific needs. Contact an expert today to talk about how Convergint can serve your institution.