The evolution of technology continues to create both opportunities and challenges for federal contractors. As indicated by reports recently published by GovWin, agencies and contractors alike are anticipating increased government scrutiny in response to cyber threats and guidance specific to the use of AI in the federal space this year.


There are numerous government-wide initiatives currently in play that are focused on increased transparency specific to cyber requirements. These include:

  • FedRAMP Compliance
  • The National Cybersecurity Strategy Plan
  • The White House Cybersecurity Executive Order 14028

Several others are agency specific. All will create an increased reporting burden on federal contractors and agencies due to elevated visibility and oversight. This may be inconvenient, but it is clearly necessary. Executive Order 14028 speaks to improving the nation’s cybersecurity, and has prioritized adopting zero trust principles and architectures, addressing security gaps, and improving response capabilities.

Convergint Federal is already heavily invested in FedRAMP Compliance and aligning with requirements to ease the burden for its customers. Convergint offers comprehensive cybersecurity services designed to mitigate risk. The organization has experience and a deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices across all verticals including the Federal space. This supports our ability to implement robust cyber defenses, leveraging innovation and consistent delivery capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is proving to be transformative for both industry and society as a whole. That said, the government space must exercise caution in managing AI implementations. The Biden Administration’s recent AI Executive Order provides guidance for federal risk management, and legislation will likely follow. Most in the Federal space are anticipating an expansion of AI use to augment internal resources, and this will be accompanied by:

  • Increased guidance and oversight
  • Accelerated reporting requirements
  • Budget allocation for AI development

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