With more than 70,000 systems protecting security-sensitive sites in 100+ countries, Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of integrated, high-performance, outdoor perimeter security technologies that mitigate risk to critical infrastructure, high-value assets and personnel. Convergint has partnered with Southwest Microwave to offer these solutions. 

Southwest Microwave’s field-proven intrusion detection technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and provide precise detection of perimeter disturbances in security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. These systems operate in wide ranging vertical markets—from government and military installations to critical utilities, industrial campuses, correctional institutions, transportation environments and VIP / cultural sites.

Problem: Threats targeting critical infrastructure

Today’s world is filled with threats that can cause catastrophic results. From terrorist attacks that threaten infrastructure and human life to theft of data or other high value assets that devalues a brand, these incidents have significant legal and financial liability.

An organization’s physical perimeter is its first line of defense against these threats. The goal of implementing a physical perimeter security system is to enable security personnel to detect intrusion attempts and take immediate defensive action before unauthorized intruders have the opportunity to reach critical infrastructure or assets. 

Solution: Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Southwest Microwave offers a comprehensive suite of digital and IP-based detection solutions to protect against risk of attack, sabotage and theft including:

  • Fence Detection Systems: high-security smart sensors that reliably pinpoint cut or climb attempts to within 1 meter while ignoring harmless environmental disturbances

  • Buried Cable Detection Systems: terrain-following volumetric sensors that locate intruders to within 3 meters for applications where covert protection is required

  • Microwave Sensors: flexible, reliable digital microwave links and transceivers for the protection of open areas, gates or entryways and rooftop or wall applications

  • Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems: advanced security management systems that monitor, display, and control a facility’s complete perimeter security program, as well as integration to many of today’s VMS and PSIM platforms

Integrated security solutions

Convergint and Southwest Microwave’s experienced solutions architects will assess your projects and site parameters to customize a system that addresses both budgetary and security goals. They can provide turnkey perimeter detection solutions or design a system to interface seamlessly with your existing security program.

  • Comprehensive range of system planning and design services to optimize system configuration for your unique needs

  • Enhanced perimeter protection using advanced sensor technologies

  • Reliable security systems to protect your infrastructure and high value assets

  • World class manufacturing with the highest quality standards

Contact us today to learn how Convergint and Southwest Microwave can successfully address the threats facing your organization.

About Southwest Microwave

In 1971, Southwest Microwave introduced the world’s first commercial bistatic microwave sensor. Today, Southwest Microwave’s extensive range of field-proven sensor technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and are internationally recognized for providing precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances that successfully mitigate risk to critical infrastructure and high value assets.