Convergint is committed to providing industry-leading service for branch networks in support of optimal security, operational efficiencies, and customer experience. Convergint’s service platform complements a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of financial institutions and includes in-branch automation.

Convergint’s financial team has been noted for leading the charge in banks and credit unions with advanced technologies to enhance operations, including ATMs, ITMs, and cash recyclers. These teller-facing and user-facing automation technologies not only improve security but also increase efficiency and reduce costs for financial institutions. That said, uptime for in-branch automation is critical to ensuring its value.

Convergint offers both preventative maintenance and repair service ensuring stellar response and best-in-class completion rates. Furthermore, the financial team has a fully developed professional services function, and has launched Remote Branch Insight in an effort to better support equipment uptime. This new solution optimizes security posture for banks and credit unions via evolving threat management that delivers visibility via remote dashboards/reporting.

Over the past 20 years, Convergint has defied industry odds, and has gone strength to strength in a highly competitive industry. This growth is a testament to Convergint colleagues, and partners. In the area of financial automation, Convergint is proud to be partnered with some of the top technology companies in the industry. That said, the company is brand-agnostic when it comes to service and expertise.

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