The fast-paced global nature of the Data Center industry poses a significant hurdle as customers strive to keep up and scale up to meet consumer demands. It becomes a race for everyone involved to stay ahead and implement the latest security measures effectively. Additionally, the resource-intensive nature of the business adds complexity. The industry’s rapid growth necessitates the best resources available, both in terms of infrastructure and skilled personnel, to ensure robust security practices.

Additionally, supporting customers with global technology deployments requires an additional strategic layered approach to ensure timely deployment while maintaining security standards that are consistent and scalable across different geographical markets. Convergint’s Data Center team’s geographical presence has fueled market growth. The team is striving to drive the best customer experience with positive financial outcomes in a fast-paced and resource-intensive market.

Convergint’s global growth continues to help customers meet goals and provide them with resources needed to succeed. When it comes to integrating technologies and value-added services for data center customers, the Global Cloud and Data Centers team is paving the way.

By design, there are five key functions on the team:

  • Strategic Account Management
  • Strategic Program Management
  • Sales Support
  • Business Development
  • Data Center Solutions and Engineering Development

Convergint’s colleagues have a strong understanding on the challenges and regulatory compliance requirements that customers face. The team also engage in building strategic partnerships, and work tirelessly to meet global delivery needs. The Convergint team is agile in the face of fast-paced market changes, and ensures that high-quality, cost-effective options position Convergint as an ideal partner.

Locations all across the globe:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Asia Pacific

Convergint’s Global Cloud and Data Center teams commitment to performance, industry knowledge, proficiency, and efficiency sets them apart. With a team of experienced professionals, Convergint understands the unique security challenges that data centers face and have the expertise to address them effectively. Convergint’s solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, and the team work closely with them to ensure optimal results. Leveraging the latest technologies, Convergint’s data center team conducts comprehensive evaluations and delivers easy-to-understand reports. Convergint’s prioritize a seamless and stress-free customer experience while delivering the highest quality security solutions. Whether it’s data centers or any other segment, Convergint strives to be your top service provider in the global security initiative.

A global leader in systems integration

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