Leveraging a decade-long collaboration, Convergint and BioConnect are leaders in biometric and multi-factor authentication. Recognized as industry pioneers, their partnership spans from simple implementations to highly scalable, cyber-secure solutions.

The Convergint Data Center and Cloud team, in synergy with BioConnect, ensures a unique depth of expertise for unparalleled project execution.

About the solution

Convergint and BioConnect collaborate to revolutionize data center security. BioConnect’s seamlessly integrated Trust Platform ensures a consistent and scalable global authentication experience, featuring advanced facial authentication technology and unique options like Duo, Okta, and PingID.

Addressing compliance needs, the Trust Platform facilitates Consent Tracking and provides flexible multi-factor authentication options, meeting regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NERC, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and more. Acknowledging the increasing role of IT in physical security, BioConnect excels in cybersecurity standards. Together, Convergint and BioConnect deliver comprehensive solutions anticipating and surpassing the evolving demands of the security landscape.

System solutions & benefits

Convergint and BioConnect deliver a cutting-edge, cost-effective, and adaptive security solution.

  • Compliance and privacy assurance: Tools and functionality for legal conformance and certification requirements.

  • Lowest cost and complexity: Cost-effective solutions proven across hundreds of customers.

  • Adaptive authentication: Support for various authentication methods, including facial authentication, fingerprint authentication, card, PIN, and mobile options.

  • Security & scalability: Multi-layer security architecture for real protection and scalability at the highest levels.

  • Subject matter expertise: Unmatched experience and proven expertise in deploying, operating, and upgrading critical systems.

  • A platform to grow With: Scalable solutions evolving with changing compliance, security, and integration requirements.

System results

Convergint partners with BioConnect to secure some of the world’s largest data centers and facilities. Renowned for the Trust Platform and adaptive authentication, BioConnect seamlessly integrates with access control systems like Genetec, LenelS2, HID, Software House, and AMAG, providing an all-encompassing security solution trusted by organizations worldwide. This enhances the collaborative strength and technological integration of Convergint and BioConnect’s solutions.

Contact an expert today to upgrade data center security with Convergint and BioConnect’s revolutionary solutions for seamless integration and cyber-secure project execution.

About BioConnect

BioConnect believes that an individual’s identity is not defined by something they know or something they possess; rather, identity is inherent to who they are. The company advocates for empowering individuals to authenticate using their unique biometric characteristics, such as face, eyes, fingerprint, gait, or voice. BioConnect aims to facilitate authentication through various biometric types.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at convergint.com/terms  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.