SDM Magazine featured Kevin Donegan in an article discussing the increasing frequency of cybersecurity incidents, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the opportunities this creates within the security industry.

Kevin joined Convergint as the Vice President of Strategy and Cybersecurity following his retirement from the Navy as a Vice Admiral after 37 years of service. During his naval career, Admiral Donegan commanded the U.S. Fifth Fleet. 

While serving at the Pentagon, he was Director of the Navy Staff and Deputy Chief of the Navy for Operations and Strategy. In this role, he led initiatives for innovation across the Navy, including cybersecurity, AI, and big data management.

Kevin serves, and has served, as a member of U.S. Interagency Counterterrorism Board that included the CIA, FBI, and senior Treasury, State, and Defense leaders to direct U.S. national strategy to defeat global terrorist networks. He actively participates in federal and corporate leadership initiatives.

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“In the industry, there are companies that have seen this coming and are well ahead of it. Convergint was one of the first to move forward and get to the digital side of the business, and once that happened, everything changed. Instead of security companies being separate from IT systems, we now see the convergence of these two, because a camera is in fact a network. The security system is now a conduit bad guys can use.”

~ Kevin Donegan, Vice President of Strategy & Cyber at Convergint Technologies

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