The key elements of a successful project are clear communication between stakeholders and the efficient management of resources. To enhance communication between all parties and optimize resources on all stages of the project implementation, Convergint developed a dedicated project management platform, called iTrac.

iTrac is a customer value-added tool that allows for online, real-time project management. It provides a secure online environment where all stakeholders are able to track project progress and efficiently collaborate on both individual sites and highly complex projects.

Real-time Communication

iTrac provides all stakeholders with real-time access to project commissioning status. It enables project managers, technicians, third-party commissioning agents, and customers to view each installation item in a secure real-time web-based application. This enables complete transparency and enhanced communication for any product changes or questions.

iTrac allows tracking each installation for progress, completion, testing, pass or fails, and fixes. All parties are also rapidly updated with any change order information.

Device Commissioning in iTrac

Device Commissioning in iTrac

Project progress commissioning reports provide a snapshot of what stage the project commissioning is in, ensuring timely installation completion. 

Device Progress Statistics in iTrac

Device Progress Statistics in iTrac


The project commissioning documentation that can be downloaded from iTrac includes:

  • Item description
  • Engineering reference
  • Installation typical or camera field of view
  • Testing processes
  • Pass / fail details with associated notes
  • Customer / third party / installation sign-offs

iTrac commissioning documents will provide accurate records for warranty, and a deeper insight into all aspects of a customer system for future maintenance, repairs and/or replacements

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