Outdoor public events–such as festivals, parades, and concerts–offer great cultural, business, and entertainment value to their local communities. But they could also present potential safety threats. Large groups of people can mean overcrowding, which in turn increases the probability for vandalism, altercations, and even violence. There are several organizational and technological tools that can help law enforcement maximize their efforts in securing large-scale public gatherings. Video surveillance is one such technology. By providing better situational awareness, video surveillance helps law enforcement officers enhance monitoring, verify situations, promptly identify threats, and improve response time.

Due to the temporary nature and varying environments of public events, effective video surveillance tools have to be easy to transport and mount. Thanks to years of experience designing citywide surveillance solutions for dozens of police departments, Total Recall’s designers recognized the challenges related to installing and transporting video surveillance equipment. This expertise enabled Total Recall to design its patented line of CrimeEye-RD Rapid Deployment solutions and its newest CrimeEye-RD-2 stand-alone solution,–portable products intended specifically for law enforcement’s temporary surveillance needs.

Innovative Design and Exceptional Performance

The CrimeEye-RD-2 solution is a lightweight, self-contained rapid deployment unit equipped with intelligent electronics. The RD-2 provides easy and safe portability, simplified installation, superior imaging, and optimal performance. The unit requires virtually no tools to set up and can be deployed by one person on almost any type of pole via the included mounting hardware. Fitted with HDTV-quality Axis dome network cameras, RD-2 units stream high-quality video within minutes of installation. With such easy and fast installation, the RD-2 can be tactically located in the most critical venue points. Pan-tilt-zoom camera functions and presets also help maximize overall views for optimal scene coverage and monitoring.

Unique Features and Capabilities of the CrimeEye-RD-2

Crime Eye RD2 transport and operation mode

An exclusive feature of the RD-2 unit is its patented enclosure, which helps secure the camera during transportation. CrimeEye-RD-2 can travel and be installed or removed time and time again in both urban and rural locations, without damage to the camera or lower dome. The unique features of the CrimeEye-RD-2 make it a perfect video surveillance solution for marathons, parades, street fairs, and concerts, as well as any other temporary deployment needs.