To make Convergint the most equitable and inclusive global service provider for women of all identities and backgrounds. 

Statement of Purpose

We aim to evolve Convergint’s culture through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and visibility, and our goal is threefold: to increase the number of women and women leaders at Convergint, to lift the voices of underrepresented women, and to make Convergint an inclusive environment for all women. 

The Four Pillars of Convergint Women Connect

CWC Communication Channel

Chair & Vice Chair

Jenn Hilber

Business Architect – Operations

Mary Parisi

Marketing Specialist 

Steering Committee Members 

Amber Sonsteng

Marketing Specialist 

April Tate

Program Manager

Janice Burse

Project Designer

Jennifer O’Hare

Account Executive

Kelle Shanks

Senior Account Executive

Nicole Tymchuk

National Sales Coordinator – Canada

Shamieka Warren

Project Manager – Financial Vertical