The second of Convergint’s Values & Beliefs is: “I am accountable for my continuous development.” This applies to not only individual colleagues, but Convergint as an organization. Convergint Women Connect has been created with the mission of connecting the women of Convergint Nation to inspire them, support them, and develop their leadership mentality. This group offers the chance for Convergint to become a stronger company through the benefits gained by developing and leveraging the power of Convergint’s women colleagues. 

With one year of experience, Convergint Women Connect is continuously enhancing the group and looking for new ways to help bring the nation together. 

Convergint Women Connect Philosophy 

Convergint Women Connect Initiative

From the Convergint Women Connect Steering Committee 

Jenn Hillbert

“Convergint Women Connect is founded on the spirit of supporting, guiding, and networking with each other to enable each of us to be our best selves. Networking with female colleagues has exposed me to many different areas of our business, giving me opportunities to learn and gain perspective, and to help other colleagues learn. It is important that we enable others to do the same, providing support and guidance so we can benefit from continuous collaboration.”

Jenn Hilber, Manager, Business & Financial Analysis
Kelle Shanks

For the seasoned females in our industry, it’s important to always be pulling someone along with you. Convergint Women Connect enables us to be a mentor to the young people in the industry, in order to leave it a better, more diversified place than we found it.”

Kelle Shanks, Senior Account Executive

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