Employee burnout and turnover have created clinical staffing challenges for many hospitals, which can affect patient outcomes. By deploying smart security technology, hospitals can obtain better situational awareness aiding in faster response times while achieving greater incident outcomes.

Creating a safe hospital starts at the perimeter. That’s why Convergint and Avigilon have partnered to provide solutions for a well-designed security system that can aid in risk management and cost avoidance while decreasing liability and staff turnover.

Avigilon solutions for staffing challenges

  • Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD)
    Uses an innovative AI-based sensor platform that can screen over 3600 visitors per hour without requiring them to stop or empty their pockets or bags, and is designed to instantly distinguish between threats and personal items such as keys, coins, belts and cell phones.

  • Visible Firearm Detection (VFD)
    Uses video-based AI analytics to swiftly detect individuals carrying drawn firearms and alert security teams, who can verify the situation and respond quickly to prevent escalation.

  • H5 Pro series cameras
    Offer up to 61mp of resolution to cover an expansive surface area (for example, parking lots), eliminating the cost of multiple cameras and expensive and disruptive in-ground conduit installation.

  • Avigilon Unity
    Maximizes the efficiency of your security system through the seamless integration of video security and access control technology from one platform, with automated alerts and real-time video previews to provide more context when an incident occurs.

  • Avigilon Appearance Search
    Can reduce hours of work to minutes by sorting through vast amounts of video with ease to help find a person or vehicle’s live location or to trace their route during an investigation.

  • Orchestrate
    Improves efficiency by integrating disconnected processes so that you can fully manage and optimize workflows and deliver a consistent response every time. This can assist dispatchers by limiting their calls for service through automated workflows and reduce response times for security teams with clear and actionable information.

  • Avigilon Decision Management System (DMS)
    Helps to improve the consistency and effectiveness of response actions by presenting security operators with better insights from all their connected systems and guiding them with step-by-step instructions — all from one intuitive interface.

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