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Access control is about more than just the door. In the demo below, join Brian Matthews from Feenics as he demonstrates how to leverage cloud-centric tools to implement security best practices and cyber-harden security installations. Explore the benefits of deploying access control in the cloud as you scale into enterprise class environments.

Go Beyond the Door with Access Control as a Service: From SMB to Enterprise

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Originally Recorded Live at InSight Innovation Summit

Convergint’s InSight Innovation Summit was a digital transformation tradeshow event held May 18-20, 2021. Throughout the 3-day event, Convergint hosted Strategy Sessions, partner-sponsored Innovation Demos, and Executive Keynotes all discussing the latest game-changing technology and transformative solutions. 

About Feenics

Feenics is paving the way for the future of physical security with innovative cloud-based access control solutions developed by industry veterans. With a platform that is built specially for and hosted in the public cloud, Feenics makes it possible for organizations to systematically secure buildings, doors, and assets with its industry-leading platform.