High-risk facilities face increasingly complex challenges that require a combination of physical barriers and electronic security protection.

In response to growing security threats, Convergint Technologies and Concentric Security have partnered to offer turnkey electronic and physical barrier security solutions. High-risk locations are subject to sophisticated and evolving threats for which security personnel must be prepared.

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Our integrated electronic and physical barrier security solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding environments and to offer significant benefits to the customer, including:

  • Employee & Visitor Safety 

  • Long-Range Detection

  • Property Protection 

  • Controlled Access

  • Lowered Security Costs 

  • Safeguarding Important Assets 

Electronic and Physical Barrier Perimeter Solutions: 

  • Security Fencing 

  • Automated Gates 

  • Vehicle Deterrents 

  • Guard Booths 

  • Anti-Vehicular Barriers & Bollards 

  • Advanced Sensors 

  • License Plate Recognition 

  • Long-Range Readers 

  • Visitor Management Systems 

  • Video Analytics 

Trusted by the most challenging type of clients: 

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