Convergint believes in living our values and beliefs. To show our customers that we are their best service provider, we developed iCare Customer Portal, our web based customer resource providing real time, on line access to your service and installation work orders, management reporting and secured document sharing to provide easy collaboration between Convergint and you. Repair work orders, preventative maintenance visits, installation work information is available 24/7.

Installation Projects and Service Work Orders provide detailed information on the status of current work orders and the ability to view completed projects and work orders.

Management Reporting including status, metric and financial reporting, all designed to make it easier for you to access the information you need.

My Document Library is a collaborative document sharing platform that provides a single location for key documents.

If an emergency service work is required after hours, the process is the same…an iCare work order is created and information updates are real time to keep you informed of the progress toward problem resolution.

Because we believe in keeping our customers informed, iCare Manager is available as a standard service offering. The iCare Executive Package is available to our customers as part of a Customer Support Program or on an annual subscription basis.

To learn more about how our iCare Customer Portal can help you manage your service requirements, contact one of our sales professionals.