Asia Pacific subsidiary ICD Security Solutions is renaming to Convergint across the region, further reinforcing the company’s overall commitment to globalization and unity. ICD was acquired by Convergint in 2013, and has since operated as a global team, aligning closely with Convergint while retaining their original name.

As Convergint embraces continued global expansion, this official renaming signifies unity between the APAC region and the rest of the company, enabling the team to further collaborate and leverage the company’s tools and platforms for increased efficiency and enhanced service delivery.

Watch the video below to explore details of the rebrand and discover Convergint’s enhanced capabilities across the globe!

One global company, one global brand

“Whilst our company name and logo will change, our colleagues, our leadership, and our focus will not. Going forward, we are still the same company and team dedicated to providing customers with the best possible services and solutions.”

– Tony Wang, CEO, Convergint APAC

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Convergint provides high quality system integration services and solutions across Greater China, India, Japan, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. To discover more about Convergint in APAC or check out some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the rebranding, see below!