Every year, hospitals and the departments within aim to improve efficiency and streamline workflow to meet the demands of rising patient census levels. With a real-time location system (RTLS), patients can efficiently get in and out of appointments faster driving higher patient satisfaction because they have shorter visit times. Additionally, an RTLS allows for a workflow that enables providers to see more patients, ultimately bringing in more revenue.

Along with patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction is also a key driver. Staffing is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Their time is spread thin between caring for patients, attending meetings, documenting information, and responding to calls and problems throughout the hospital. With so much going on, identifying the location of clinical staff members throughout the facility can be a challenge. Using staff location on an RTLS that integrates with a nurse call system will improve workflow and patient response times, automate records, and has the ability to alert security when a duress situation arises.

The integration of RTLS within healthcare facilities advances workflow processes, patient flow, and reduces response times. It also enhances staff communication and gives more visibility to patients in a fast-paced environment where time matters.

Benefits of a real-time location system

  • Provides a list of patients who are waiting to be assigned a room, waiting for a nurse, and how long they have been waiting.

  • Gives staff insight into the current locations of patients, who is ready to be discharged, and how long their visit was.

  • Allows staff to effectively manage patient care with the help of location awareness.

  • Helps with the containment of communicable diseases by creating contact tracing reports.

  • Optimizes workflow and staff time by analyzing staff activity with business intelligence tools.

The combination of all the information gathered by an RTLS with EHR data results in shorter patient visits, allowing providers to see and treat more patients, ultimately bringing in more revenue. It also analyzes the efficiency within healthcare facilities measuring room occupancy over time and setting goals to figure out whether your facility needs more exam space or not.

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