Throughout the last year, COVID-19 has changed the way many companies do business. In spite of the challenges faced throughout the pandemic, Convergint has managed to continue expanding its reach across the globe. Recently, Convergint’s Executive Vice President Mike Mathes was featured in both Security Info Watch and Security Informed discussing Convergint’s continued path to growth amid challenging circumstances, and how Convergint’s acquisition strategy positions the company for success. 

Read both articles below to learn what Mike Mathes has to say about Convergint’s unique approach to acquisitions, and what sets the company apart.

Convergint Continues to Grow in Midst of Pandemic

“Every single acquisition we’ve done, 12 months after we’ve had them on we’ve had more people involved in that business than they did on the day of acquisition. The synergies we’re looking for is how do we take this organization that has joined our team and leverage what else Convergint has so that together we bring more business in the door.”

~ Mike Mathes, Executive Vice President, Convergint Technologies

Convergint Focuses On Core Values As Acquisitions Fuel Rapid Growth

“It is essential that the companies we look to acquire and develop partnerships with directly align with our people-first, customer-centric, inclusive culture centered on colleagues and customers. This approach has allowed us to maintain and grow our number of colleagues across our acquisitions and enables us to continue being our customers’ best service provider.”

~ Mike Mathes, Executive Vice President, Convergint Technologies

“The end result is always much more impactful than what we anticipated. Every acquisition brings with it an experienced leadership team, dedicated and skilled colleagues, vertical market and technological expertise. Most acquisitions are in geographies where we do not already operate, so with every acquisition, we increase our capability to serve our customers much better.”

~ Mike Mathes, Executive Vice President, Convergint Technologies