Active shooter incidents on the rise. According to the most recent FBI statistics, 2014 and 2015 show the highest average of incidents ever in a two-year period.

In response to this growing threat, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) has developed gunshot detection technology that is designed to save lives and minimize the destruction caused during mass shooting incidents. Convergint offers Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, the most advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available. The technology alerts in under one second of a gunshot and with zero false alerts.

Shooter Detection Communication

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With sensors installed throughout campus facilities, critical shot location information can be immediately relayed to the building’s occupants—as well as emergency personnel outside—so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. By removing the “human factor,” nothing is left to interpretation, and life-threatening delays can be avoided.

The Guardian sensor utilizes dual factor authentication, validating both the acoustic bang and infrared flash of a weapon, while sending out immediate alerts and notifications to multiple parties simultaneously. The system updates as each shot is fired, tracking and reporting in real-time as the incident unfolds, providing critical shot detection location information to select recipients via floor plan map with shot location, email, text message, or other third-party communication systems.

Active Shooter Detection System

This innovative approach allows life-saving information to get to building occupants and emergency personnel when it matters most. Guardian offers seamless integration into a facility’s existing systems, including video management , access control and mass notification. Video can be integrated with the system to immediately pull video feed to the location of the shooter, providing security personnel with unprecedented real-time access to a visual description of the shooter and his movements. An existing mass notification system can be integrated to provide prerecorded or live instructions and information to building occupants or to wide-area occupants.

Reacting in seconds, rather than minutes, greatly improves the chances of shortening incident duration, which has been proven to be the key to saving lives in active shooter incidents.

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