Convergint understands your most pressing campus challenges.

We provide integrated security, fire,
and life safety systems to protect
your campus and mitigate risk.

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Featured Solution:
IP-Enabled Campus Locks

Boost Efficiency & Security with
IP-Enabled Locks

Imagine if every door on your campus was a smart portal.  What if you could add or remove users with the click of a button?  What if you could have an activity report for every door on a single floor generated and emailed in under five minutes?  What if every lock on campus synchronized with your cardholder database and was updated real-time based on changes in users, access levels, and schedules?  This is the power of IP-enabled locks from Convergint.

Edge-to-core provider of electronic
and physical security solutions for campuses.


ADA Openers

Campus Lockdown

Mobile Security Officer

Multi-Tech Credentials

Campus One-Card Integrations

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Video Analytics

Low-Light Cameras

Multi-Campus Solutions

Integrated Video & Access

CrimeEye Public Safety Systems

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Advanced Solutions

Asset Tracking

Badge & Card Services

Environmental Monitoring

Virtual Server Environments

Cardholder Database Integrations

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PoE and Wi-Fi Locks

Controlled Key Systems

Locks & Locking Hardware

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Emergency Communications

Panic Alerts

Video Intercom

Mesh Networks

Alarm Monitoring

Emergency Blue Light Phones

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Fire & Mass Notification

UL Listed Monitoring

Web Based Reporting

Program Management

Audio/Visual Notification

System Testing & Inspection

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Campus Partners

Campus Solution Updates

Convergint’s STEP Up Initiative for Social Responsibility Day 2023 Highlighted in Denver7 News

Each year in June, Convergint offices around the world close allowing thousands of colleagues to donate their time and resources at organizations in need across the globe for Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day. This event includes

Contract vehicles simplify the procurement process and provide national purchasing power to eligible agencies.

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With a culture of integrity, accountability, and excellence, Convergint is committed to being your best service provider.

Values And Beliefs

Our ten Values & Beliefs are the foundation of all that we do

Values & Beliefs

• Not just words on a page
• Fabric of our culture
• Unchanged since founding
• Provide a business compass

Service Excellence

We expect to be our customers' best service provider

Service Excellence

• Expect to be best service provider
• Culture of service dedication
• Continuous use of metrics
• Customer service surveys

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Colleagues dedicated to making a daily difference


• Colleagues who care
• Dedication to service excellence
• Culture of communication
• Continual training & development

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Global reach combined with local service excellence

Global Capabilities

• United States
• Canada
• Europe
• Asia Pacific

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services make your life easier

Value-Added Services

• iCare Web Service Portal
• The Playbook
• Program Management
• Professional Services

Advanced Solutions

A consultative approach producing business outcomes

Advanced Solutions

• Risk reduction
• Regulatory compliance
• Proactive, not reactive
• Tangible economic benefit

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We expect to be our customers' best service provider
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