Fire Alarm Pull down activation

Convergint Technologies specializes in providing customers with leading Fire Alarm & Life Safety technologies, application expertise and services. By assembling a project team with vast industry experience and technical competence, Convergint works with their clients to deliver compliant, non-proprietary solutions which avoid sole-source dependency and assures long term cost competitiveness. From system retrofit to new construction and equipment only to turnkey system installation, Convergint provides the very best value for your project regardless of size and complexity. In addition, Convergint’s customer support programs ensure the performance and integrity of your system is maintained without compromise to occupant safety, business mission and AHJ compliance.

Intelligent Fire and Smoke Detection

Convergint Technologies is an authorized strategic partner and distributor for industry leading fire alarm manufacturers. From single building retail to multi-tenant high-rise to multi-building campuses and everything in between, Convergint serves some of the most demanding occupancies in the business. Whatever your engineered fire alarm needs, Convergint has the right product, technical support and industry resources to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Air Sampling Detection

At up to 1,000 times more sensitive than a standard smoke detector, a properly designed and installed air sampling system can provide the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire event. This is achieved by detecting smoke during the incipient stage of a fire by drawing air into the detector utilizing a high efficiency aspirator and pipe network. When business continuity is paramount and the environment for smoke detection is difficult, Convergint can deliver a solution to meet the demand.

Specialty Detection

Convergint serves an extensive range of vertical markets where building construction or ambient operating environment present unique detection challenges. These challenges are met by utilizing specialty detection technologies such as beam, flame, linear heat, video smoke or leak detection that are engineered for the location and hazard to be detected. These technologies must also be seamlessly integrated into the fire alarm or suppression system to accomplish the overall design strategy.

Suppression Systems

Convergint Technologies and our technology partners protect critical environments and high value assets to safeguard business continuity by utilizing special hazard fire suppression systems.  Selecting the right technology  and suppression agent is crucial; clean or inert gas solutions include Novec 1230, ECARO-25, FM-200, PROINERT2, Inergen, and water-mist.  Convergint’s suppression system partners share our goals of delivering unequaled quality, safety, and customer service in protecting mission-critical processes and facilities.

One-Way and Two-Way Emergency Voice Communication

Convergint Technologies utilizes vendors who excel in voice system technologies to provide UL Listed digital voice announcement and emergency notification systems. Technologies range from a distributed network system with multiple digital channels on a single pair of wires to a single enclosure standalone panel. With scalable voice systems available in 25VRMS and 70VRMS versions, Convergint can provide design, installation and service for any application.

Notification Appliances

A properly engineered and installed notification system is only as good as the peripherals used to annunciate the signal. This is one area where one-size doesn’t fit all. Color, ambient operating environment, mounting requirements, mass notification, compatibility with existing devices and numerous other requirements require a flexible approach to building notification. Therefore, Convergint has partnered with multiple manufacturers to provide a wide array of award-winning peripherals.

Graphic and Directory Annunciators

In combination with the fire alarm control panel, an annunciator can be an emergency responder’s first point of system interface in a fire event. A well designed annunciator can help to minimize confusion and alert personnel accordingly. Therefore, selecting the right product is important. Convergint Technologies works with vendors who design and manufacture products which can grow with a customer’s facility. Annunciators are available in a variety of graphic and directory styles.

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary components can make a significant difference when it comes to the overall integrity or operational characteristics of a fire alarm detection or suppression system. Components such as protective covers, specialty enclosures, multi-voltage control relays, trouble bell stations or UPS and AC Power Supplies can be provided by Convergint Technologies from one of the broad array of industry partners who are among the best in their respective field.


Convergint’s UL Listed monitoring partners provide customers with professional, reliable services resulting in a fail-safe monitoring network. Convergint selects partners who are a leader in the alarm monitoring and security industries based on their reputation for innovation and relevant security monitoring technologies. Among these is the ability for users to manage their account on-line via a secure internet connection.


Recognized as North America’s System Integrator of the Year, Convergint designs, installs and services the most reliable and comprehensive security solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer only best-of-breed technologies from the industry’s leading manufacturers and seamlessly integrate them to ensure the safety of the people, property, and assets you protect.

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