Convergint and Hanwha Vision, a trailblazer in innovative video security technology, collaborate in response to the escalating concerns surrounding school security. This partnership is designed to address the pressing need for heightened safety measures in educational institutions, introducing cutting-edge solutions across analytics, camera design, surveillance systems, and data security.

About the solution

School security remains a paramount concern, with traditional surveillance systems often proving insufficient. Recognizing these challenges, Convergint, in partnership with Hanwha Vision, has identified the limitations of conventional analytics, intricate installation processes, and potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

System solutions & benefits

Convergint and Hanwha Vision’s transformative partnership marks a significant stride in tackling the evolving security challenges faced by educational institutions.

  • Advanced analytics: Empowers educational institutions with real-time alerts and improved monitoring for a proactive security approach.

  • AI cameras and analytics: Reduces forensic search time with AI cameras featuring object classification, BestShot snapshots, and enhanced identification capabilities.

  • Modular camera design: Wisenet X series PLUS modular cameras offer easy installation, configuration, and scalability tailored to educational security needs.

  • Cloud-managed Surveillance: The SolidEDGE system provides serverless, cloud-managed surveillance with a rugged SSD drive, ensuring efficient monitoring and accessibility from anywhere.

  • Intelligent Q Series Cameras: Upgraded Q series cameras offer affordable AI features, including false alarm reduction, object classification, AI-based IVA analytics, 4K resolution, and a user-friendly design.

  • Specialized corner mount camera: Addresses unique school security needs with omnidirectional monitoring, AI analytics, low-light capabilities, invisible infrared, and next-level cybersecurity.

  • Advanced data security: Convergint and Hanwha Vision prioritize advanced data security with embedded certificates, ensuring compliance with stringent UL CAP standards for cybersecurity.

System results

Convergint and Hanwha Vision establishes an intelligent, user-friendly security solution for schools.

  • Transformative partnership: Convergint and Hanwha Vision’s collaboration addresses the evolving security challenges in education.

  • Holistic security ecosystem: The joint efforts create a comprehensive, intelligent, and user-friendly security system tailored for educational environments.

  • Enhanced safety measures: Schools benefit from heightened security, efficient surveillance, and streamlined management for a safer learning environment.

  • Peace of mind: Comprehensive solutions ensure peace of mind for students, staff, and parents, fostering a secure educational experience.

  • Proactive and data-driven approach: Integration of advanced analytics promotes a proactive and data-driven security strategy, enhancing threat detection and response capabilities.

  • Setting a new standard: The partnership sets a new safety standard in educational institutions, paving the way for transformative advancements in education security.

About Hanhwa Vision

Hanwha Vision has led the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing, and cybersecurity technologies for over 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver customers more valuable and meaningful insights by collecting key information and providing big data analytics utilizing AI and cloud technologies.

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Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.