As technology continues to evolve, leveraging business intelligence is becoming critical. With this evolution comes new threats, including cyberattacks and other vulnerabilities related to data-integrated technology. Organizations must gain enough visibility into their business operations to accurately minimize risks and consistently maximize profitability.

For trusted operational intelligence and physical security, YourSixOS is a cloud-native platform that provides unparalleled scalability, uncompromising data security, and unprecedented visibility into business operations. Together, Convergint works with YourSix to eliminate blind spots and leverage visual intelligence to ensure comprehensive security and safety of organizations’ staff, customers, facilities, and operations.

Problem: Low visibility of operational inefficiencies

With data analytics and business intelligence at the forefront of innovation, organizations face challenges related to inflexible and outdated systems to keep operations efficient and secure. YourSix’s cloud solutions create an accessible, robust layer of defense against any interruption, expected or not, through the seamless convergence of video surveillance, access control, audio technologies, and video monitoring.

Solution: YourSix cloud-based visual intelligence software

The YourSixOS platform delivers a leading software-defined visual intelligence platform through the commitment to help secure assets and provide mission critical data and analytics for organizations around the globe. The platform uses:

Open technology

Protects investments long-term with open technology.

Redundant architecture

Eradicates downtime with redundant architecture.

Unlimited scalability

Grows to specific needs with unlimited scalability.

A single cloud interface

Manages multi-site locations and permissions in a single, intuitive cloud interface.

Proactive health monitoring

Delivers actionable, real-time insights with proactive health monitoring.

Innovative cybersecurity protocols

Guards data with innovative cybersecurity protocols.

Results: Enhanced visual intelligence & security

YourSix enables organizations to improve uptime, availability, and accessibility by using a system of global active nodes to support multiple, simultaneous layers of local, cloud, and NAS storage options for optimal security, privacy, and redundancy.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate YourSixOS within your existing infrastructure to provide a safe and cybersecure cloud surveillance and access control solution while addressing today’s business intelligence concerns.

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About YourSix

YourSix is an award-winning Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider. The Y6OS cloud platform leverages a unique convergence of surveillance, access control, audio, sensors, artificial intelligence, and monitoring to deliver a singular operational intelligence and physical security solution. YourSix’s commitment to innovation continues to transform the industry through its open standards-based framework, robust cybersecurity protocols, and ongoing advancements powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. YourSix was founded in 2015 and headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2021, Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, ranked YourSix Inc. No. 208 in America.