Over time, data centers have become more complex and even more critical to a company’s daily operation and overall success. They require specific security elements to reduce operational risk and maximize their customers’ uptime. Bosch and Convergint work together to design unique security plans tailored to every organization’s specific requirements and needs. By evaluating risks, security integrators can implement physical security measures that integrate with electronic security elements to form an interlocking network of layered security measures. Here are some of the essential layers of security and systems necessary to protect data centers.

Layers of Security 

Layered security combines all the necessary security elements to create the interlocking network essential to protect a facility. This type of security is both an effective and efficient defense solution. Each layer provides a unique security system that connects with all the other layers.

Essential Components of Data Center Protection

Convergint and Bosch partner to provide intelligent solutions that give businesses smart advantages beyond security. They believe that the next logical step for security is to allow businesses to interpret data and begin repurposing the vast amounts of video data their systems collect. By enabling businesses to interpret data at the source, they can significantly improve their security measures and gain distinct business advantages.

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