A Consultative Approach to Delivering Business Outcomes

Convergint creates innovative solutions by working strategically with our customers to help reduce risk, meet a regulation, or deliver a positive business return. By recognizing and understanding market threats, opportunities, and associated challenges, Convergint is able to implement rapid and targeted change based on practical applications. 

Protecting The Enterprise From The Edge To The Cloud

Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM)

Efficient workflow solutions to manage employees, contractors, and visitors.

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Advanced credentialing to streamline access and provide the highest level of authentication.

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Incident Management

Unified command center aggregates data to prioritize and manage incidents. 

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Reduce overhead and streamline workflow by hosting security applications in the cloud.

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Video Analytics

Real-time alerts and metadata aggregation to provide quick, accurate results.

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Smart Sensors

IoT device that filters environmental data to provide real-time situational awareness.

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Data Visualization

Understand trends, outliers, and patterns to enable informed decision making.

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