Financial institutions have struggled with the challenge of securely and efficiently managing their vault access codes for several decades. Whenever there is a workforce management event, it necessitates the alteration or addition of safe lock codes to uphold system security. In a typical financial institution, a branch may have to oversee the management of anywhere from 5 to 30 locks. Typically these locks are found on cash safes, Teller Cash Recyclers (TCR’s), Night Drops, under-the-counter steel, teller lockers, and coin machines.

Convergint partners with dormakaba, a global leader in safe locking solutions, to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge safe locking solutions. dormakaba offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services for everything related to doors and secure access for hotels, healthcare, education, shops, lodging, entertainment facilities, sports centers, airports, at home or in the office.

dormakaba offers a comprehensive range of safe lock solutions designed to provide the highest level of security and convenience, including:

  • Axessor Apexx Series
  • Cencon
  • Auditcon
  • LA GARD Electronic
  • LA GARD Mechanical
  • Safe Locks – Legacy Products

dormakaba safe lock benefits

dormakaba’s safe lock solutions not only prioritize security but also deliver unmatched convenience and peace of mind. Some solution benefits include:

  • User management: Add or remove authorized users easily and remotely, eliminating the need for physical service visits to the lock and keys.

  • Access audits: Track access events in real time, helping monitor and detect unauthorized activity.

  • User directory: Access a list of authorized users for quick reference.

  • Security customization: Configure lock settings to meet specific security needs, such as access schedules and PIN code rules.

  • Active alerts: Receive instant notifications for security breaches or suspicious activities.

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