Convergint Technologies takes pride in being a service-based systems integrator. To continue to live up to the goal of being a customer’s best service provider, Convergint has developed a formal process and associated documentation called The Playbook to ensure all installation and service related work meets the specific needs for customers with highly complex business and security environments.

The Program Manager is responsible for putting together The Playbook. With support from an Account Executive and National Accounts Operations Manager, the Program Manager works directly with the customer to develop, formalize, and implement critical installation and service standards.

The Playbook provides in detail the following information:

  • Written Safety & Health Programs

  • Installation & Service Scope of Work

  • Convergint & Customer Contact Information and Protocol

  • Installation & Service Standards

  • Manufacturer & Material Standards

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design Engineering Standards

  • Escalation Procedures

  • Invoicing Requirements

The Convergint Playbook

Convergint 6 Step Playbook Image

Convergint Playbook Case Study

After experiencing a major security incident, this Fortune 500 customer requested the addition of cameras to view specific process areas. The cameras were used to monitor & record incidents allowing users remote control as well as digital video recording. Convergint as asked to provide a complete turn-key solution.


  • Teams were organized and deployed across multiple states to coincide with the customers internal visits.
  • All sites were toured by the Program Manager, Account Manager and in-house engineers.
  • Proposals were generated and submitted while on site.
  • Convergint provided centralized engineering in order to develop install & programming standards.
  • Safety concerns over the installation conditions (extreme height & heat) were addressed by working with the customer and product manufacturer.
  • A safety program was developed by the Convergint Safety Officer and was distributed to the local Convergint offices.

Customer has enhanced the safety of the site with the capability of remotely viewing cameras, coordinating employees/contractors and deploying proper personnel during incidents.

Leverage a Convergint Program Manager and the Playbook to deliver business results and ensure security programs are completed safely, on-time/on-budget, and with consistent quality and high customer satisfaction.

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