The patient journey begins and ends at home, bridged by the healthcare experience. This continuum of care is supported by technologies offered by Convergint and its partners. Patient staff transactions are both enabled and transformed by healthcare solutions, thereby improving the overall journey and levels of satisfaction on all sides.

Technologies offered by Convergint can:

  • Start at home with an appointment reminder. Reminders have pre-care instructions from the healthcare provider and GPS directions from home to the parking garage.

  • Allow controlled access with identity management, complemented by video and discreet weapons detection; all without intruding on the patient experience.

  • Alert the security team through a silent alarm if a potential threat is observed or a weapon is detected.

  • Support patient navigation through the hospital via a map system with the option of blue dot navigation.

  • Activate nurse call, video cameras, audio, and sound analytics to enable a virtual care engagement that enhances care delivery.

  • Improve safety and security with location technology for use cases such as hand hygiene compliance, infant security, and staff duress.

  • Respond and protect wandering patients and improve patient/staff interaction physician tele-consults, virtual nurse call response, virtual rounding, tele-sitting, and fall prevention.

The patient journey

The patient journey provides tremendous context for the demands on healthcare facilities. It also indicates opportunities to leverage systems integration from Convergint where technology and services can benefit the patient and support institutional efficiencies as well.

Watch the patient journey and learn about how Convergint and its technologies can enhance the experience.

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