The past year has seen many changes in the way people live and the way organizations operate. Physical distancing and reducing human-to-human contact has become the ‘new normal.’ Subsequently, touchless technologies have earned their place as a viable means of reducing physical contact, and touchless access control solutions have led the way.

This has metaphorically opened the door to increased consideration of mobile credentials in access control applications. Mobile access eliminates the need for human-to-human contact because the user’s own mobile phone serves as their access credential. But there are many more good reasons for facilities to migrate to mobile access, and college campuses, in particular, have an added incentive to do so.

Mobile access offers a convenient method of credentialing for college campuses

Industry-led surveys, including a recent survey conducted by access control leader HID Global*, strongly indicate that higher-ed students are seeking a credential experience that is more convenient and integrated into their mobile-based lifestyle.

Today’s students have never known a world without the mobile phone. They are tethered to their devices as a form of communication with friends and parents, playing games, and pay for food at stores through Apple Pay. Using their phone as a credential for access on campus is a logical desire.

The benefits of mobile-based credentials are hard to ignore. Mobile credentials are very easy to assign. Students simply download an app and are assigned unique credentials. This allows them access not only to their dormitory and other secure spaces, but may also afford convenient access to other campus amenities, such as cafeteria transactions, cashless vending, and more.

Not only is mobile a convenient and touchless access solution, it allows credentialing administrators to authorize or revoke credentials as needed remotely.

Experienced leaders in touchless mobile access

Convergint, partnered with HID Global, has the experience and expertise needed to help today’s higher learning campuses make a successful migration to mobile access to tighten their security and enhance their students’ experience. Download the whitepaper to learn more about how campus upgrades support future-proof access control solutions while ensuring a healthy environment.

*HID Global 2021 State of Access Control Survey