The healthcare sector faces mounting pressure to ensure the safety of patients and staff, particularly within hospital and behavioral health environments. Incidents involving potential weapons and contraband pose significant threats to the well-being of individuals in these spaces.

Convergint collaborates with Metrasens to equip hospitals and behavioral health centers with advanced detection technology, fostering a secure environment that prioritizes patient care and staff well-being. Metrasens technology serves as a vital component within a comprehensive security strategy, detecting weapons and contraband with unobtrusive precision.

Problem: Securing Healthcare Environments

Rising incidents involving potential weapons and contraband demand urgent attention and effective mitigation strategies to ensure a secure healthcare environment.

Solution: Metrasens Ultra

Metrasens addresses global challenges in healthcare security by reducing incidents involving weapons, offering patient, visitor, and staff safety. The advanced detection system, Metrasens Ultra, seamlessly integrates into healthcare settings, ensuring precise detection without disrupting workflows.

  • Protecting patients and staff: Foster a secure environment to enable dedicated staff to provide exceptional care where safety is important.

  • First line of defense against weapons: Precise detection at entry points prevents weapons like guns and knives from entering hospital premises.

  • Minimizing disruptions:  Ensure smooth movement while maintaining accurate and precise screening, keeping risk items out securely.

  • Maintaining a therapeutic environment:  Metrasens Ultra offers noninvasive and nonthreatening full-body weapons screening from a safe distance, suitable for pregnant individuals or those with implanted medical devices.

  • Versatility:  Flexible deployment options allow Metrasens Ultra to function free-standing or wall-mounted, indoors or outdoors, catering to specific safety requirements.

  • Intuitive use:  Metrasens Ultra is designed for quick setup, allowing touchless, noninvasive, and respectful screenings without compromising aesthetics or safety standards.

Results: Enhanced Healthcare Security

Convergint and Metrasens combine efforts to deliver advanced detection technology that effectively safeguards healthcare environments. Precision and a seamless experience ensure a secure atmosphere while offering tailored deployment options. The partnership encompasses comprehensive support, from setup and onboarding to continuous training, further fortifying safety measures for healthcare facilities.

Contact an expert today to explore Convergint and Metrasens’ collaborative solutions, prioritizing safety and maintaining a therapeutic environment in healthcare.

About Metrasens

Metrasens leads in developing and applying advanced magnetic detection technologies, offering the protection of people, property, and sensitive information. Their solutions are deployed as primary tools for purposes such as weapons detection, contraband detection, physical data protection, and projectile risk management.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.