When an incident occurs at a school, procedures and protocols have been put into place to react. The problem comes when multiple sensors go off, creating chaos and the previous plans get ignored. Schools face many challenges when trying to create a truly unified communication system including budgets, aging systems, and the logistics of it all. 

Unified Communications

Schools are beginning to implement new technologies, such as sophisticated access control, gunshot detection system, and enhanced fire alarm systems. With all of these features comes a logistical challenge for security planning and implementation.

To help deliver an important message in a fast and accurate way, communications need to be unified. These communication capabilities are designed to protect students and faculty.

Convergint and ThreeSixty help address the challenges schools face when unifying communications with Galaxy, a powerful school communications platform that utilizes specialized software modules. This platform is designed to be integrated with third-party technologies to provide fast and uniform responses to emergency situations. Additionally, it greatly simplifies the task of creating and implementing emergency protocols in schools.

At A Glance – Galaxy

With features like global communication, an entire school district can be alerted of potential disasters by supervisors from a phone on the network.

Flexible Solution

Many paging systems today have little or no ability to be upgraded as technology changes. Because Galaxy uses military-grade servers, the platform is easily capable of accepting upgrades over time. The interface is laid out in a logical easy to use manner allowing authorized school personnel to easily make changes as needed.

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