Video surveillance is a necessary tool in managing security risks. According to a recent study done by Forbes, many organizations underutilize video surveillance in their business. Of those surveyed, 58% said they monitor less than half of their valuables with video surveillance.

Not surprisingly, the businesses with widely distributed assets, such as critical infrastructure, face some of the greatest challenges. Because they are not staffed and have limited network capabilities, remote power stations, offsite lots, and cell towers face many security difficulties. Video analytics can help secure and manage these kinds of remote critical infrastructure sites. Video analytics by Avigilon is the technique of using computer algorithms to monitor cameras in real-time to provide management information and alarms. This technology enables centralized personnel to respond to security threats and operational problems. 


Improved Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is greatly improved with video analytics. The technology is able to recognize the movements of people and vehicles, while ignoring any activity that is normal for the scene. This can benefit a business with fewer false alarms and detect only actual suspicious activity. Unlike any other video technology, video analytics has the unique ability to distinguish between cars, people, and non-triggering objects, such as an animal. The system can also be programmed to alert if someone is loitering too long.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Video analytics can also optimize workloads. One operator can monitor more scenes using fewer cameras, which increases a security employee’s capabilities and reduces false alarms. This technology can search for people and vehicles, maximize the physical area covered, increase the probability of taking the proper action to events, email footage to law enforcement immediately when dispatched, and view and respond from any mobile device.

Reduced Costs

The most obvious cost savings from video analytics is by stopping an incident before it becomes a bigger problem. High-definition megapixel cameras cover a wider area with fewer cameras. Additionally, image resolution can be increased while minimizing the requirements — and costs — for storage and bandwidth. Analytics optimize recording volume so that monitoring is more efficient and affordable. Also, reducing bandwidth requirements minimizes administration and maintenance time.

Reduced Network & Storage Needs

Intelligent video systems that include video motion detection and audio detection minimize the need for storage space by recording only video that contains activity. Furthermore, by placing intelligent video “at the edge,” that is, processing as much as possible of the video in the network cameras themselves, the load on the network is significantly reduced, as only relevant video is streamed from the cameras. Intelligent video applications help build video surveillance systems that are more cost-effective.

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