The healthcare industry is facing over 30% staff turnover. If a hospital experiences a staff shortage, it has a direct impact on patient care and revenue. In response to that, hospitals are looking for ways to overcome the nursing shortage by hiring temporary staff, which as a result may not only triple the cost but also pose additional security & safety challenges. 

In this 25 minute webinar Convergint and Vector Flow will discuss why hospital’s should start using identity management solutions, so that:

  • Supply chain and traveling nurses’ managers can better manage the flow of temporary staff and access rights to specific locations per their assigned job
  • Security managers are empowered to automate the access management processes and ensure the highest level of security in healthcare facilities
  • The onboarding and offboarding of temporary or agency nurses can be automated

What you will learn:

  • 2023 outlook into contractor management challenges

  • How identity management and contact tracing solutions can help overcome these challenges

  • How healthcare facilities can afford contract management solutions

  • How to improve ROI to management

Reducing Hospital Costs Through Strategic Contractor Management 

Thursday, February 9th, 2023 | 1:00 PM ET


Doug graduated from the Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He has spent 12 years in the physical security industry with an additional 4 years spent delivering solutions in the cyber security and infrastructure/application monitoring space for cloud computing deployments. Doug returned to Convergint in 2019 as the Advanced Solutions Identity Assurance Principal. Doug is responsible for helping global companies navigate the technology evolution taking place in the security industry to identify and implement complex solutions ranging from PIAM, PSIM, Workspace Efficiency, IoT Security, and optimization. Since early 2020, he has been specifically spearheading with other Advanced Solutions resources the COVID-19 taskforce for identifying products and integrations that can provide a technical and business outcome for go-back-to-work strategies and has supported large thermal camera deployments for Convergint’s Global 200 customer base. Doug is a native Coloradoan and lives in south Denver.

Doug Greenwald

Digital Transformation Advisor, Convergint

Janette Evans

Healthcare Sales Director, Vector Flow

Janette Evans is Healthcare Sales Director at Vector Flow. In this role, she partners with healthcare organizations across North America to help solve their physical identity and access management challenges. Janette is passionate about helping healthcare organizations harness the power of their data to enhance security and compliance, mitigate risks, and decrease costs. Based in Dallas, Janette has been a member of the security industry for over 14 years.