Minnesota acknowledged it was necessary to free up $63 million to support school safety programs, disaster response, and bus services for students with disabilities. That means approximately $30 million will be divided among all the school districts this current budget year.

Best of all, there’s no need to apply for these funds, unlike other grants, allowing schools to enhance the security and offer better protection to students, administration, and staff. Each school district is guaranteed funds depending on the number of students they serve. Convergint has several essential security solutions school districts can purchase to upgrade their school security.

Essential School Security Solutions

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Additional Grants

In addition to the state grants, there are also some federal grants available for the 2020 budget year, such as the COPS Office School Violence Prevention. This grant partners local law enforcement with schools in their jurisdiction to provide training on preventing school violence. It also funds the installation of metal detectors, lighting, locks, and other security measures that deter threats. Additionally, the grant allows the purchase and installation of any technology that expedites the notification of law enforcement during security incidents.

These are just a few security solutions Convergint can provide for K-12 schools. Convergint’s security professionals can upgrade existing security systems and design a comprehensive solution that meets the school’s needs.

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