Convergint seeks to attract, retain, and develop the best talent available. In so doing, Convergint chooses to create and sustain a workplace environment where all colleagues are fully engaged and can contribute to their full potential. Affinity groups support this effort by encouraging professional development opportunities, enhancing leadership skills, fostering innovation and creativity, and promoting cultural understanding.

Convergint Veterans Connect is an affinity group whose purpose is to enhance the work environment for our veterans, recruit and retain veterans, and highlight the value of the veteran skillset across Convergint. Membership in this affinity group is open to all colleagues of Convergint who are committed to accomplishing the objectives of the group.

In this video, Convergint Veterans Connect Executive Sponsor Kevin Donegan introduces the upcoming opportunities with Veterans Connect.

Convergint Veterans Connect

Convergint Veterans Connect welcomes all Convergint colleagues who are committed to the goals of the group to participate. Learn more and become a member below.