Access control is one of the leading security solutions businesses use to ensure that only the right people enter buildings and facilities. In a dynamic post-COVID-19 world, building security and operation teams face many challenges, including:

AnyVision and Convergint partner to present the future of access control for businesses: touchless access control that uses facial recognition technology to open guarded points of entry for authorized people.

What is Touchless Access Control?

Touchless access control is a solution that helps organizations solve critical entry challenges. It makes entering and exiting buildings and internal spaces both convenient and sanitary while creating a frictionless, contactless experience that addresses the health concerns raised by many people touching card readers, key pads, and other access methods. Touchless access control systems have many features that make it is easier for users to come and go conveniently, and enable businesses to customize access based on time, location, and team.

Benefits of Using Touchless Access Control

Investing in touchless access control keeps visitors and employees safe by better controlling access to restricted places. People who are granted access can gain entry in less than a second, allowing the system to process entries quickly.

The system easily scales as your business grows, and allows for access to be customized down to the square foot.

Why Choose Convergint and AnyVision?

Touchless access control stops bottlenecks by letting you authorize entry two to three meters from the camera, while instantly recognizing faces even with masks on. It also stops spoofing by verifying the liveness of a person.

AnyVision’s touchless access control has exceptional accuracy that has been designed and tested in real-world conditions to ensure the best performance.

Touchless access control represents the future of post-COVID-19 security. Together, AnyVision and Convergint offer a cost-effective solution that allows businesses to reduce health risks and protect visitors and employees.

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