Workplace violence continues to be a major issue in the healthcare segment. With both physical and verbal abuse rising, The Joint Commission has joined the American Nurses and the American Hospital Association to develop Workplace Violence Prevention Resource 1, with the Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare Conference.

The Joint Commission now requires relevant standards in reporting sentinel events and prevention of workplace violence. One solution that has been employed in hospitals, by both security and clinical staff, is the use of body worn solutions. The use of wearable solutions aids in documenting events and situations. As a result, more and more hospitals are equipping staff with wearable technology and audio solutions in the US and abroad.

It has been shown that wearable solutions can decrease violent events in healthcare facilities. For example, a recent study by the National Health Services of Great Britain demonstrated a reduction of violence on nurses, other clinical staff, and users it’s also shown staff moderating their response to patients. Hospitals in the United Kingdom have seen a reduction in workplace violence by 28 percent due to implementing wearable video solutions. By adding wearable devices, staff have reported a decrease in events, restraints, and other intervention due to both security and clinical staff announcing they are recording the event. By warning the patient or visitor they’re being recorded, it reduces the incidences of violence and allows for documentation in case of the need for prosecution.

Solution: Body Worn Security, Provided by Convergint and Axis

Convergint offers superior video and audio body worn systems from Axis that deter crime, protect personnel, and document forensic evidence. Built on an open platform, the body worn system has the ability to integrate into the preferred content destination, offering flexibility to manage and store video. Additionally, the system has a variety of accessories to comfortably secure and position the body worn camera to support specific needs. Plus, the system comes with a three-year warranty ensuring it is working correctly.

The body worn solution can perform a wide range of functions including trigger automation recording, assigning cameras to multiple users, and identifying location data of a camera users. 

Convergint’s solution is built on an open platform, and allows companies to choose the preferred content destination, whether that is with Axis or a third-party video or evidence management provider. Fast and reliable video offloading paired with best in-class cybersecurity allows confidence in the system. Additionally, the Axis body worn system enables companies to cost effectively to scale the system, so it’s easy to add additional users, cameras, and controllers as needed.

Result: Creating a sense of safety

Here are some of the ways in which Axis body worn cameras support safety and security for camera wearers and the public alike:

  • Receiving evidence

  • For training

  • Deterring bad behavior

  • Recording and documenting

  • Adding an extra layer of protection

A global leader in systems integration

Convergint, partnered with Sound Intelligence and Axis, has the expertise needed to deploy an integrated security system to keep healthcare facilities operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to roadmap your security infrastructure.