The utilities industry has seen a recent increase in the theft of copper wire. The stolen or damaged wires cause strain on telecommunications infrastructure by disabling various services to landlines, internet, businesses, and emergency dispatching services.

With the uptick in copper wire theft, it is crucial to protect the perimeters and assets of critical infrastructure sites. Intruders constitute the biggest threat to the safety of critical infrastructure facilities. Detecting and identifying unauthorized individuals on sites with extensive perimeters, wide areas, remote locations, and extreme weather conditions add to the complexity of the challenge. Monitoring entrances and exits and safeguarding potentially hazardous areas are also important aspects to consider. Smart analytics can trigger warnings and alert critical infrastructure staff, saving time and money spent on routine patrols and attending to false alarms.

As security threats continue to evolve, companies in the utilities industry must adopt a comprehensive approach to perimeter security. Convergint partners with Axis Communications to protect large-scale, critical infrastructure with a proactive deterrence solution using video surveillance paired with network audio.

Benefits of an intelligent network audio system

Axis Communication’s network audio system is the perfect complement to an existing video-based security installation to ensure a safe environment for employees or customers, while securing critical assets. Network audio products can be a vital part of a security solution by helping to provide critical information during hazardous situations or sending warning messages to deter thieves.

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Convergint, partnered with Axis Communications, has the expertise needed to deploy a comprehensive, scalable video surveillance and audio system to keep critical infrastructure safe, secure, and operating smoothly. Click the button below to contact Convergint’s team of security experts to learn more.